Terminal Server LSI-620

It turns his equipment of obsolete and slow calculation to a graphics terminal and reaprovéchelo to the maximum with the benefits that a terminal server offers to him
  • Processor AMD Athlon 64X2 4800+
  • Ram memory 1GB/400MHz
  • Unit RAID (2 hard disks in configuration RAID-1) SATA of 160GB
  • Hard disk IDE of 40GB for Operating system
  • Unit DVD/RW
  • Expandible to 4GB in RAM
  • 2 Cards of network 10/100
  • Support for 20 terminals/graphical light clients
    • Processor Opteron 64 940/1600
      (it supports up to 40 terminals with two processors)
    • 2GB in RAM for support of up to 30 terminals
    • 4GB in RAM for support of up to 40 terminals