Servant of Intranet

Ideal for the SME that counts on an infrastructure of network and Internet and wishes to take advantage of its resources to the maximum

Why to use a Servant of Intranet

Well it is known that when the personal computer of a user is damaged for some reason, the data contained in her are outside alcanze. In the best one of the cases they do not lose themselves, nevertheless the user is practically disqualified and worse even though these data are necessary by other users of a network.

In the same way, when a PC shares its printer and this is out of line or by some fault or so that it was extinguished, the works of impression can be lost or remain suspended until this PC is rehabilitated.

Another great problem which a network administrator faces consists of the endorsement of data, that becomes a nightmare when the number of personal computers in the network lies down to grow.

Internet is an indispensable tool nowadays, nevertheless, many users abuse the facilities that the company provides to them. It is common that it is necessary to provide to them on watch with e-mail and consults of some pages that benefit or affect their production, but not of free access to Internet.

Services that it provides

  • Indispensable servant WINS to reduce to traffic by broadcasts that the majority of computers with some version of Windows
  • ®they generate
  • Facility for the endorsement of information
    • Concentration of information
    • Communitarian folders
      • Folders with special permissions:
      • Restricted Scripture to certain users
      • Hidden folders
    • Restricted folders to user groups
  • Each user has his own folder in the servant
  • Control of the space used in hard disk by user or user groups
  • Facility to grow in storage capacity
  • System RAID-1 to resist faults in units of mass storage
  • Half simple to share printers centralized and in network
    • Service of Internet (if the servant has it available)
    • Control of access
    • Restriction of pages
    • Statistics of use of Internet
  • Accelerator of access using cachés of pages