Servant of Internet

He puts to his company to the vanguard with his own servant of Internet


The Internet is economic the electronic means to promote its business. It does not depend on third parties to provide with accomodations his site or websites, it has so many accounts of e-mail as it needs and with mailboxes of the size that their activities impose to him.

An Internet servant can use dedicated connections, lines DSL or of cable with fixed and/or dynamic directions IP (as long as they are public).

Services that he provides

  • Support for multiple domains
  • Lodging of static and dynamic websites
  • Support for handling of forms and Applications Web
  • Integra a CMS (content-management-system system of handling of contents) that allows to create elegant and functional websites of a very fast and simple form
  • Statistics of access Web
  • Access to the directories who as much contain the websites from PCs with Windows or Linux in the Intranet as by Internet (FTP)
  • Statistics of use of the system and consumed bandwidth
  • Firewall
  • Electónico mail for multiple domains
  • Access to e-mail by webpage
  • Access to e-mail to send and to receive post office with clients as Outlook from the Intranet as well as from Internet (roaming users)
  • Statistics of use of the e-mail system
  • Filters against Spam
  • Acutaliza system of anti-virus that in automatic form every day
  • Servant DNS
  • Servant FTP

Optional services

  • Client for dynamic DNS
  • Support for multiple simultaneous connections of Internet
  • Special filters of e-mail:
    • Elimination of attached archives of selective form
    • Users with e-mail limited its own domain