Functions available in VoIP PBX

All our commutators count on the following functions available. Special additional functions can be added according to the needs of the company.
  • IVR. System of interactive voice response. It offers to the person who calls of an audible menu with diferenctes options, for example the direct marked one of an extension, access at other levels on watch (sub-menus), access to specific servcios as FAX, change of the welcome messages or availability of services per hour and/or date, etc.
  • Call queuing. Encolamiento of calls. Frequently used in call centers. It allows to answer calls and to put them in delay until being taken care of by some operator.
  • Call transfer. Transference of calls between extensions
  • Call car park. System of call in hope that allows him to put in this state to a plaited esparto rope to be taken care of from any other extension.
  • Call recording. It allows to record any call in low automatic form or a procedure.
  • Call forwarding. It allows to transfer calls to other extensions if the solicitd one is occupied or it does not answer. Account also with the function follows towards other telephone extensions or numbers to me.
  • Retrieval Call. It allows to take the call from an extension different from which is sounding.
  • Voice mail. System of voice mail. If an extension does not answer after a defined time, it can be turned aside to the system of voice mail. The messages are recorded and been able to be listened to from an extension, another telephone outside the company or can be sent by email electronic.
  • Caller YOU GO. Identifier of calls. Sample on the telephones the number of which is received an external call or the name of the internal extension. Related functions:
    • Blockade of calls following the number of which is called
    • Direct address to a service following the number of which is called
  • Music on hold. Music in delay for all the pending calls to answer.
  • Conference bridging. System of conferences. Similar to the three simultaneously, but in this case can practically take part a limitless number of interlocutors.
  • Remote office. System that allows two or branch to interconnect themselves transparently via Internet and to call direct between local and remote extensions without cost of long distance.