Course of services of Internet

  • General mission:

    To learn to form the necessary services for a Servant of Internet of professional characteristics

  • Specific objectives:

    • To know the tools monitoring of connections and traffic analysis
      in the networks
    • To know the services that are due to provide
    • To know the safety mechanisms to use
    • To know the concept Virtual Sites and how it is applied
    • To know the mechanisms of regulation traffic applicable to the Intranet
    • To know and to form the system of electr&ocautenico mail
    • To understand the errors that to a service affect
    • To know the form to use multiple connections for redundancy
  • Methodology:

    • Theoretical exhibitions
    • Learning reasoned with active interventions of the participants
    • Practices with personal computers
  • Duration:

    • 30 hours (30% theory, 70% practice)
  • Thematic content:

    1. Tools
      • Iptraf
      • The ethereal
      • Nmap and xnmap
      • The commandos netstat and dig
      • Remote sessions through SSH
    2. The Web server Apache
      • Basic configuration
      • Configuration of virtual sites
      • Configuration of safe sites (SSL)
    3. Servant of Names of Domain
      • Basic configuration
      • Configuration of zones
    4. Configuration of a Firewall
      • Use of the Firestarter package
      • Port forwarding
      • Blockade of ports
      • Hidden ports
      • Blockade of clients nonwished
      • Control of access
      • Filtrate of packages
    5. Service of FTP
      • Anonymous FTP
      • Restricted users
    6. E-mail
      • Basic configuration
      • Control of access (relay)
      • Virtual post office
      • You would ally
      • System of anti-virus
      • Filtrate of attached archives
      • Web mail
    7. Squid
      • Basic configuration
      • Control of access
      • Blockade of sites
      • Restricted users
      • Control of unloading by delay pools
    8. Advanced Ruteo
      • Ruteo on the basis of the direction source
      • Ruteo through multiple suppliers
      • Camouflage IP for multiple ruteo
    9. Configuration of VPN
      • Alternatives
      • Configuration of a VPN type bridge
      • Configuration of a VPN ruteada
  • Directed a:

    Administrators of Servants of Internet/Intranet

  • Requirements

    • Basic knowledge of Linux and their structure of directories
    • Knowledge of TCP/IP
    • Knowledge of configuration of networks in Linux