Course of Managemental abilities

  • General mission:

    To develop in the participant managemental abilities that allow them to channel the individual effort and of equipment for the profit of the objectives of the company

  • Specific objectives:

    • To evaluate problematic the present one of the companies
    • To analyze the adaptations of the companies to the vertiginous changes of means
    • To analyze the effects of the political, social and economic situation of the context in the decision making of the companies
    • To propose actions that channel the effort of the individual personnel and the work parties to the profit of the objectives of the company
  • Methodology:

    • Theoretical exhibitions
    • Learning reasoned with active interventions of the participants
    • Study of practical cases
  • Duration:

    • 40 hours
  • Thematic content:

    1. Organizational behavior
      • Introduction
      • The organization
      • The organizational behavior
      • Study of a practical case
    2. Human resource management
      • Introduction
      • The cycle in the RRHH administration
      • Necessary abilities in the human resource management
      • Study of a case of application
    3. Leadership and Motivation
      • Antecedents
      • Elements that form the companies
      • Direction and leadership
      • Human integration and participation
      • Motivational theories
      • Styles of personnel direction
    4. Negotiation
      • Foundations
      • Abilities in the negotiation
      • Exercises of negotiation
    5. Strategic planning
      • Foundations
      • Definition of the company
      • Environmental analysis
      • Situacional analysis
      • Strategies
      • Study of a case of application
  • Directed a:

    Professionals and students of the area of administration or compatible races, as well as to intermediate managers, managers and controls

  • Requirements

    • Basic knowledge of administration